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How Student Tracking Software Helps Students and Educators Perform Their Best

student tracking

To adapt to the ever-evolving digital world and compete with other academic institutions, colleges must keep up with new methods and technology. Implementing the right student information system gives colleges the tools needed to help students succeed both academically and personally. Student tracking is a crucial SIS feature that allows educators to track students’ progress, improve their performance, and guide them to graduation day. 

What Is Student Tracking Software?

Student tracking software is an online system that enables educators to manage attendance, track students’ progress, upload and share assignments, organize exams and grades, and more. Student tracking is important for both teachers and students. When students can see their progress, they can better understand how their efforts contribute to their long-term goals and path to graduation. Teachers can assess individual student performance and use data to modify lesson plans or intervene when students are falling behind.

The Benefits of Student Tracking Software

1. Accurate Attendance Tracking

Research has shown that when students feel less motivated or they can’t see the relevance of a class to their chosen degree goals, their attendance drops. Poor attendance can signify a student’s lack of motivation and trigger an alert for educational intervention. It can also indicate to teachers that a change in teaching style or lesson plan may be beneficial. Higher student attendance leads to overall improved learning outcomes at educational institutions.

2. Eliminate Manual Processes

The days of manually taking roll calls and keeping physical attendance records are over. Student tracking allows for higher efficiency by eliminating manual workloads and storing information in one centralized place. Teachers can focus their efforts on helping students, rather than wasting time performing administrative duties.

3. Reporting and Analysis

Student tracking software makes in-depth analysis simpler and faster. Teachers and students can evaluate weaknesses, strengths, and other academic records all in one place. AI-powered analytics and reports help teachers identify student patterns and monitor their development in real-time. This encourages constructive feedback and can contribute to higher performance.

4. Open Communication

Based on the system’s data, teachers can reach out to students who are having difficulty to offer extra help and encouragement. This fosters a learning environment of open communication and motivates students to do their best. They can focus on outperforming themselves and achieving personal goals, rather than competing against other students.

EMPOWER SIS For Student Tracking

With digital transformation, educational institutions are integrating advanced software solutions for efficient and smarter work. EMPOWER offers an unparalleled level of customization and flexibility for any school. Our support team provides your staff with in-depth training and is available to answer questions or troubleshoot issues. See why more schools choose EMPOWER SIS. Call us for a free demo.