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Alumni Management Software by EMPOWER seamlessly manages relationships with alumni and donors


Our alumni fundraising software allows you to easily store contact information.


Arrange data groups for any purpose, from homecoming news to capital campaigns.

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Colleges can rely on our software for alumni management to keep processes in check.

When a college fails to properly organize alumni and donor data, it risks damaging one of its most important resources

A school can’t build and nurture relationships with donors if it doesn’t have accurate and segmented data at its fingertips.

Campaign fundraising is a critical function for schools, and those without robust management software for your alumni, miss out on the ability to conduct automated in-depth analysis.

Alumni and donors are hungry for information about their alma mater and favorite school. Without a way to funnel news to these groups, fandom can begin to fade.

EMPOWER’s alumni management software is the best choice​


Our Alumni and Donor Development module acts as one central hub for gathering, organizing, and reporting on key donor metrics.


EMPOWER’s alumni management software allows schools to segment donors into lists for unique targeting by campaign.


Effortlessly comply with best practices and legal guidelines created to safeguard alumni and donors.


Our alumni management software not only makes it easier for donors to give to your school, but it encourages stakeholders to share their information within the network.

We’ll help you through each hurdle of alumni and donor relations.

Manage data

With EMPOWER’s alumni fundraising software, one database can now house contact info and past touchpoints with crucial donors.

Segment lists

Identify which of your alumni and donors belong grouped together, and target your communications based on those lists.

Enable access

Our Alumni and Donor Development module offers a self-service web portal for users to access news and update their information.

Track successes

Monitor and analyze fundraising campaigns to see what types of outreach efforts have been working and for which donors.

Customized software for alumni management that’s unique to you.

Dedicated module

Our Alumni and Donor Development module was built specifically for schools looking to better build and manage relationships with alumni and donors.

Self-service access

Give your graduates and biggest fans the type of access they demand with the features they want, like online giving functionality.

Ongoing support

Our customer support staff is always there to answer the questions about EMPOWER alumni fundraising software.

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If your school is looking for a student information system that is simple to use and connects everyone on campus with one central platform, we can help.

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