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The Importance of Automation in Medical School Admissions Software

medical school admissions software

Every year, medical school and other higher education institutions receive thousands of applications from undergraduates and postgraduates. Admissions teams are tasked with recording, assessing, and processing every single application, as well as communicating with applicants, within a very limited timeframe. It can be an overwhelming workload for admission offices with small teams.

Although students have the ability to apply online, many other processes require manual data entry or transfer, often between different databases. Communication between the office and applicants usually occurs over email, which eats up staff time and resources. It’s also all too easy for emails to get buried in an inbox, leaving applicants with urgent requests left hanging. 

The role of automation in medical school admissions software can greatly improve processes and streamline workflows for staff. Simply automating certain processes can have a rippling impact on productivity, efficiency, and overall experience campus-wide. Here we’ll dive into some of the benefits of automation in medical school admissions software. 

1. Meet applicants where they are

Today’s applicants are accustomed to instant communication and response through their smartphones. Once potential students have filed their application, they should have the ability to track it with real-time updates. If they submit a question, they expect an answer quickly. By incorporating automation into the medical school admissions process, staff can provide more personal attention to each case and students will experience the prompt feedback they deserve.

2. Goodbye manual data entry

Manual data entry is a time-consuming task for admissions teams, and can lead to errors. Medical school admissions software offer automated data transfer between systems, eliminating mistakes and removing the burden from your staff. Automation also allows for paper applications to be scanned, indexed, and filtered into backend systems for faster processing.

3. Instant grade assessment

An automated grading solution for medical schools could analyze the grades in a student’s application and determine whether they meet the requirements to attend a course. They could then accept the student into the next stage of the process. All rejections may still be reviewed by a member of the admissions team before being issued. 

4. Save revenue for your university

Losing a student in the middle of the application process can be costly to universities. Using technology to develop smarter processes creates better experiences for students. This makes all the difference in an enrollment decision and ultimately saves you revenue. Additionally,  medical school admissions software reduces the number of team members and office supplies you may need to handle new student applications. Lowering the costs of your admissions system can free up more capital for other departments or projects.

5. Faster application processing

When staff are faced with a large volume of applications, medical school admissions software helps employees easily sort through, track, and process applications, moving them along faster. Administrators can use automation to monitor applicant counts, manage deadlines, schedule interviews, update applications, and send acceptances or denials more efficiently. 

Flexible and Efficient Medical School Admissions Software

The Medical School Admissions module from EMPOWER is backed by two decades of experience with medical schools and higher education. Our powerful SIS offers automated features, a user-friendly interface, and is completely configurable to your university’s needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation.