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The Best SIS For Continuing Education Programs

Continuing Education

What Is A Student Information System? 

Student information systems are the best way to digitally store and track data such as grades, transaction records, and more. They are integral to streamlining educational institutions’ processes and communications. Students use SIS to gain access to crucial information regarding programs, pay for courses, and connect with the institution. Administrators are able to access all relevant information regarding the student’s academic experience.

SIS For Continuing Education programs

Continuing education programs have a unique set of needs and require more flexible administration practices than traditional college programs. Considering that 71% of higher ed students are non-traditional students, the learner’s experience for higher education programs is more important than ever. 

If you offer community education courses, workforce development programs, professional certifications, adult education, seminars, workshops or even high school courses, an SIS for continuing education is the right choice for your school.

The Problems Solved By Continuing Education SIS

Here are a few of the administrative issues that continuing education management software can resolve.

1. Inefficient Administration

Building a continuing education module unit on the back of an SIS designed for traditional higher education can create significant headaches for staff. A SIS specifically for higher education programs will eliminate the inefficiencies that slow workflows, and automate redundant processes so your staff can focus their efforts on tasks that matter most.

2. Poor Student Experience

Modern learners expect a seamless registration and enrollment experience that allows them to take control of  their education. They want to manage their own engagement through tasks like registration, payment and course dropping, online and at their own pace. Remove the tedious process of on-campus administration with a seamless, self-directed, digital environment.

3. Inability to Innovate

When an education program runs on systems designed for a main campus, it can be difficult to innovate. Antiquated systems take up the valuable time and resources of your staff, while administrators repeat work or re-enter information multiple times. An SIS made for continuing education automates tedious tasks and allows for new, innovative processes.

EMPOWER SIS For Continuing Education Programs

EMPOWER SIS offers a responsive design and functionality that suits the needs of education programs. Our modules are completely customizable to each school. Manage every aspect of your non-traditional learner’s experience with efficiency, and make life easier for your staff. Contact us to learn how we can support your educational institution.