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Student records and student registration software that helps your staff best help students​

  • Administer all registrar functions with our student registration software
  • Self-service web portal that’s simple to use
  • Enables efficiency in all phases

Automate requests

Repetitive tasks are easily taken care of with our automated capabilities.

Operate efficiently

Seamlessly tackle all facets of registrar operations with streamlined processes.

Ensure accuracy and privacy

Safeguard student data and sensitive information.

A lack of parameters and control around course scheduling can result in enrollment issues that cause student and faculty frustration.
Schools that offer both on-campus and distance learning options know that managing those programs is vastly different. Attempting a universal oversight policy can hurt both tracks.

Schools without a student record system that supports self-service course registration are bound to encounter more complications.

The sole purpose of a school’s registrar’s office is to work on behalf of its students, but without student registration software, those efforts become riddled with inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

EMPOWER Student Information System software for student registration for students is the best choice.​

Putting your staff in a position to do its best work

Your staff is most effective when they can do what they do best: Helping students. EMPOWER’s student record keeping system streamlines the day-to-day so staff has more time to devote to students.


Our student registration software makes it simple to perform in-depth analysis on data, from enrollment to scheduling and more.


EMPOWER’s Clearinghouse interface, including transcript request functionality, is just one way we can make your staff’s jobs easier.


The Records and Registration module includes a web portal that allows students to self-select without needing help from your office.


EMPOWER student registration software covers a wide breadth of focus, which means your staff won’t be spending time moving from solution to solution.

Your registrar’s office works for your students, and we’ll work for you.

We have the student data system you need!


Our Records and Registration module is capable of integrating with other EMPOWER modules and numerous LMS systems.


EMPOWER student registration software can be deployed for students in all courses and majors and across all terms and sessions.


From the design of your platform to training and ongoing maintenance, no provider of student registration software will support your school like EMPOWER.


Unlike other solutions, EMPOWER offers a simple and convenient platform that is intuitive for students and staff.


What you see is what you get with us. There are no surprises with our student data system.

Student record keeping system that is highly flexible and customizable

Modular design.

Pick and choose how to apply the Records and Registration module to your school.

Self-service access

Give students and staff access to the type of functionality they want and need from the registrar’s office.

Start-to-finish support

Our customer support staff goes above and beyond to ensure our solution meets your needs.

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