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Tips for Maximizing Efficiency with Student Records and Registration Software

student records and registration software

Every university has a student record management system. In the past, that system consisted of file cabinets or bins of paperwork. Now, technology has made it easier to store student records securely, eliminating the need for tedious, time-consuming, manual systems and processes. 

Going paperless by digitizing both student records is a critical step for higher education institutions. Student records and registration software makes it simple to digitize and archive important documents and information. By storing everything on the cloud, data can be kept organized and safe from potential theft or loss. Staff will be able to access information quickly and efficiently. 

Here are some tips to maximize efficiency with student records and registration software.

1. Digitize your files

Start by converting student records from paper to digital. You can use a scanner to transfer items into the student information system (SIS). From there, staff can search through stored documents by keyword, making them easier to find. Newly created documents can be automatically filed using the same system.

2. Keep files organized

Set time aside as often as you need to sort through and review your electronic and paper records. Thoroughly and securely dispose of any records that are outdated, unnecessary, or duplicates. It’s also important to have a clear system in place on how to name and file documents. With clearly defined protocols, administrators can eliminate potential confusion and make it easier for staff to track down specific information at a later date.

3. Prioritize security

Student records contain all kinds of sensitive data, including medical and financial information, social security number, address, and the names of family members. Digitizing data with student record and registration software helps keep information confidential and safe from theft. The SIS provides controlled access and security protocols to keep cyber threats at bay.

4. Ensure compliance

FERPA applies to all schools that Federal education funds, and it protects both paper and computerized records. It covers rules regarding consent to access and confidentiality of student records. With an SIS you can ensure compliance by producing accurate reports of how, when, and where documents are accessed.

5. Streamline administrative tasks

Student record and registration software automates the data capture and storage process. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, enhancing productivity and data accuracy. Have your staff examine repeatable processes like accounts payable, onboarding, assessments, grant management and others to see where automation can help. By streamlining day-to-day tasks, staff can focus their attention and energy on helping students. 

6. Harness the power of analytics

With student records stored in one centralized location, educators can gain visibility into student development and performance. Academic counselors and teachers can proactively identify students who may be in need of additional support and help them stay on track to graduation. Using the data provided by the SIS, administrators can also better understand their schools’ needs and make more informed decisions about curriculum standards, accreditation, hiring, scheduling, budgeting, funding, compliance and more.

EMPOWER SIS Student Record and Registration Software

Our student record keeping system is highly flexible and customizable to the needs of your school. Learning how to manage your school’s data takes time, which is why we implement our SIS in phases and offer comprehensive training for staff. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your school.