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Versatile student billing and receivables software that handles financials from payments to posting

Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering

EMPOWER has created an interface with the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Services, which is a digital transcript request and delivery mechanism.

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

EMPOWER provides the ability to record a student’s attempts at, or achievement of, pre-defined competencies and to query students’ earned and missing competencies.


The Data Book provides schools the ability to create online searchable directories of various constituent groups, such as students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Events Management

Create and maintain events in EMPOWER with the Events Management functionality.

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet is the model of a standardized award letter designed by the federal government. Its purpose is to simplify information that prospective students receive about costs and financial aid so that they can easily compare institutions and make informed decisions about where to attend school.

Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE)

The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) – or Dean’s Letter – summarizes a medical student’s school performance and provides a summary evaluation of the student’s potential as a resident.

Moves Management

“Moves Management” refers to a process of moving someone toward an identified objective through a series of planned communications activities.

Narrative Evaluations

Narrative evaluations go beyond the usual assigning of grades, instead allowing for additional comments to accompany multiple category assessments.

Online Recommendations

The Online Recommendations feature is an automated system that allows applicants to supply contact information for recommendations as part of the online application.


With the Online Payment Plan process, students are able to set up automatic payments deductions according to their payment plan with the school.

Pre-Admission Coursework Audit

The Pre-Admission Coursework Audit feature provides the ability to run an audit of a candidate’s coursework prior to being admitted into a degree program.

Seminarian Formation Portfolio

The Seminarian Formation Portfolio is a secure, web-based profile that provides data about a seminarian and tracks their progress from application through ordination.

Continuing Education

EMPOWER’s Continuing Education (CE) functionality is completely automated and web-based, allowing the general public to register and pay for courses online without having to be admitted as a student.

Internships and External Opportunities

EMPOWER can track and manage extended educational opportunities available to students such as internships, fellowships and volunteer opportunities.


The Missing Data Process ensures that key data collection requirements are being met for reporting purposes.

Plan of

Plan of Study makes it possible to plot out a student’s enrollments each term, showing exactly which classes to take and when.

Web Registration Windows

Web Registration Windows offers the ability to set up multiple time periods—or windows of time—where different groups of students can register for courses online.

Student Trouble Alerts

Serving as an early warning system, Student Trouble Alerts provide a means to notify at-risk students and their designated academic/administrative personnel that they might be experiencing academic or other forms of difficulty.

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