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Versatile student billing and receivables software that handles financials from payments to posting

Implementation, Training and Consulting

An essential part of EMPOWER, training is as important as the software itself in the success of implementing a new student information system. Your EMPOWER system is set up with your institutional data, your business rules, and your variables from your migrated data. Using school data makes the training more relevant for staff members and provides a better opportunity to review and become comfortable with EMPOWER.

Training typically takes place over a two month period and has two phases about a month apart. This allows staff members to try out new skills, practice on the EMPOWER non-production database, ask questions, and become familiar with the system. They receive exceptional, personalized training at a comfortable pace.

Training for EMPOWER can take place on your campus or at our headquarters in Michigan . . . It’s your choice!

Our US based trainers are experienced in not only the software but in implementations.

For on going support EMPOWER has a powerful on-line documentation tool. That not only gives you documentation that involves step by step instructions but also charts showing when and by whom certain things need to be done.

On-line consultations can be set up to address a concern or learn a new feature.

EMPOWER provides a library of free how to webinars covering many topics from processing 1098Ts or preparing IPEDs report etc , that continually grow.

The EMPOWER Concern System is a web enabled support tool for reporting and resolving issues. Get a status on an issue immediately.

Other tools are a user conference and a Forum.


With more than 30 years of experience in implementing and migrating data for Fortune listed companies, we have developed a professionally structured implementation method for EMPOWER. Our technical and training staff configure your EMPOWER database to match to your institution. Business rules are set up, data names and variables are entered, and key components are prepared.

Our data migration system is complete and thorough. EMPOWER has developed the tools and expertise to make data migration smooth and accurate. We regularly migrate data from existing SIS platforms and homegrown systems. EMPOWER technicians will both extract your data from your current system and load it into EMPOWER. By both extracting and loading your data there is one source for the project. It also relieves that task from your staff.

The end result is a system with all of your institutional data, your business rules, and your variables set up and ready for training your staff on EMPOWER. It’s that simple.

Schools without student billing software face challenges that delay the delivery of payment.

Without a consistent web portal to accept payments, students must either visit in person or send payment through the mail.
Billing and receivables covers a wide variety of functions, and it’s not unusual for schools to resort to multiple vendors to handle that breadth of responsibilities.
Tuition for most colleges and universities results in a serious influx of revenue. Schools lacking a student billing software won’t be able to automatically post those transactions

EMPOWER student billing software is the best choice

With EMPOWER’s solution, students have the ability to pay their tuition online through a simple-to-use web portal.

Simplicity in the form of payments and postings

A school’s billing and receivables department is one of its most critical functions. Give that focus area the attention it deserves with automated student billing software.

Student benefits

With EMPOWER’s solution, students have the ability to pay their tuition online through a simple-to-use web portal.

Staff benefits

Make ancillary financial functions like reporting and collections a breeze with our Billing and Receivables module.

Transaction benefits

Schools can automatically manage and post transactions to student statements and any other system for gains in efficiency.

Financial benefits

Our module is equipped to handle payments of all types fast, which helps your money get to the bottom line quicker.

We’ll support your billing and receivables efforts with EMPOWER’s student billing software.


Get paid faster on everything from tuition to simple on-campus purchases.


From the design of our Billing and Receivables module to the depth of training you receive, EMPOWER offers a supportive environment that helps schools collect payment faster and more efficiently.


EMPOWER’s student billing software is simple to use for both staff and students.


There are no surprises with EMPOWER.

Customized student billing software to meet your needs.

Dedicated module

Our module is built with a school’s emphasis on billing and receivables in mind.

Self-service access

Make the lives of both staff and students easier with a web portal that’s both loaded with features and intuitive to use.

Ongoing support

Our customer support staff is always there to answer the questions about EMPOWER student billing software.

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If your school is looking for a student information system that is simple to use and connects everyone on campus with one central platform, we can help.

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