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Financial aid software that’s cross-functional and integrated​

  • Automated budgeting capabilities
  • Compatible with all loan types
  • Real-time integration of records, billings, and admissions

More accurate

Ensure accurate and complete financial aid reporting.

More efficient

Streamline the flow of information with EMPOWER’s single system.

More effective

EMPOWER software for financial aid helps staff avoid data entry errors.

Financial aid is a complex focus area that requires integration and connectivity with outside resources. Schools lacking a robust software solution are wasting valuable time and resources.
Governmental, private, and institutional loans all have separate complexities that can cause headaches and delays without the right infrastructure in place.
Anxious students hoping to receive information on award letters and alerts from the financial aid office can grow irritated by a lack of communication.
If the financial aid office misses an update from the Department of Education, there can be wide-ranging ramifications that ripple across campus.

EMPOWER software for financial aid is the best choice.

Integration in financial aid software is more than a nice to have

It’s a must have.

EMPOWER’s integration capabilities address all aspects of your financial aid program. That means there’s no additional software needed, equipment to manage, or interfaces to grasp.


Our Financial Aid module connects student records, billing, and admissions in real-time.

Aid and loans

EMPOWER enables your staff to manage all types of aid, loans, and rules within one unified platform.

Form types

With compatibility set to support all standard forms, including FISAP, ISIR, Clearinghouse, and CommonLine 5, EMPOWER financial aid software makes your staff’s lives easier.

Business functions

No longer do ancillary business functions have to be performed separately, we’ll help your office bring all billing information and award disbursement under one roof.

Financial aid should solve more problems than it creates—here’s how we do that.


We take multiple different workstreams, integrate each, and make them all more accessible.


Our Financial Aid module improves a school’s ability to communicate with students about award status and distribution.


EMPOWER financial aid software streamlines existing operations like budgeting and awarding through automation.


With one module covering all aspects of your financial aid operations, staff will never again have to bounce from portal to portal.

Customized financial aid software built for you.

Modular design

Pick and choose aspects of our Financial Aid module that best apply to your office.

Process improvement

Our consistent communication with the Department of Education means your staff is constantly updated on the latest preferences and changes.

Ongoing support

Have questions about your financial aid software? Want to see modifications? Our customer support staff is always there.

Ready to Connect?

If your school is looking for a student information system that is simple to use and connects everyone on campus with one central platform, we can help.

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