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EMPOWER Software For Campus Security: Making Your College A Safe Place

Software For Campus Security

A university should be a safe haven for students and staff, yet many campuses don’t feel that way. In 2019, the number of reported criminal cases at universities in the United States was over 27,000. Protecting students and mitigating risk of incidents should be a top priority for universities, which is why campus security systems and software are more important now than ever before. 

What Is Campus Security Software?

Campus security software includes systems designed to improve the safety of students, faculty, and staff while on campus. It integrates every aspect of your security system into one platform, from incident reporting and surveillance to visitor registration and parking enforcement.

EMPOWER Campus Security Software Features

EMPOWER’s Campus Security module helps parking enforcement, public safety and the dean of students work together to help ensure a safe, smoothly-running campus environment. 

EMPOWER Campus Security software features include:

  • Campus security data collection 
  • Incident reporting and management
  • Campus judicial process data collection and processing
  • Parking management, vehicle registration, and related fees/fines
  • Visitor registration
  • Campus facility descriptor and location database
  • Access to housing assignments, academic schedules, and photo IDs for security officials

The Benefits of Campus Security Software

1. Response Time

When it comes to responding to threats and incidents, time is of the essence. Security needs to ensure a fast response time and accurate incident reporting to help local authorities and internal security teams to resolve issues quickly. 

2. Analytics

A standardized security management solution helps to create better data analytics. Colleges can use data to find proactive ways to mitigate campus safety risks and handle future incidents effectively.

3. Visitor Management

With the number of visitors that come in and out of your campus every day, having a real-time list of expected visitors and a list of unauthorized visitors can make all the difference in keeping your campus safe. 

4. Monitoring

With facilities and students spread across large or multiple campuses, the monitoring of education facilities presents unique challenges. Having monitoring and access control solutions integrated in one module makes it easier to report and track incidents. 

EMPOWER: The Best Campus Security Software

Failure to keep your students safe can result in potential physical, financial, and reputational harm to the school. Providing reliable campus security is paramount, and EMPOWER provides the best solutions for your college. Contact us for more information on how our Campus Security module can help you monitor your school’s safety effectively, securely and privately.