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The Benefits of Degree Audit Software For Colleges

degree audit

Every degree program has its own requirements and requisite courses of study. Students often need help in navigating them to ensure they take the right classes to graduate on time. Academic advisors play a role in providing support for students in their educational pursuits, from providing career guidance to monitoring their performance. However, manual systems can make the planning process slow and frustrating. 

Degree audit software is designed to make study planning easier and more effective for students and advisors. With degree audit software, students can stay on track and get the help they need from advisors. Here are some of the benefits of degree audit software for colleges.

1.) Save Staff Time

Manual tracking of academic requirements is time-consuming, reducing the professional role of advisors. Degree audit software automates manual processes like degree audits and transcripts, giving staff time to offer students more personal guidance. Academic advisors can focus on offering support beyond course planning, helping students explore their life and career goals and plan for a fulfilling future post-college.

2.) Student Empowerment

Implementing degree audit software gives students easy access to their academic path in an easy-to-use platform. Plan of study tools show them which courses to take, how many they need, and when they need to take them to graduate on time. This gives students a sense of control in their course choices, empowering them to take an active role in their education. They’re able to view their progress to reaching their academic goals in real-time. Additionally, a “What If?” tool allows advisors and students to see the potential effects of their academic decisions.

3.) Early Intervention

With degree audit software, advisors have the ability to instantly monitor students’ status and will be notified if a student is falling behind. They can target students in need of assistance, intervening early to help them maintain progress. Offering support early enough can help prevent dips in enrollment and high dropout rates.

4.) Centralized Platform

Degree audit software provides a single source for student data. It keeps track of majors, minors, concentrations, specializations and programs; degrees and certifications; course and general education requirements; and GPA. It also tracks in-progress, complete, transfer, waiver and substitute credits. Everything is centralized in a one platform that is easily accessible for students and advisors at any time.

EMPOWER SIS:The Best Degree Audit & Plan of Study Software

With EMPOWER’s powerful degree audit and plan of study module, students can work effectively with their advisors to track and manage their academic progress, all in real-time. Connect with us to see how EMPOWER SIS can help empower advisors and students to clear the path to graduation.

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